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Are You Focusing On A Glass Half Full?

Your self talk matters. When it’s negative, it can make it impossible to appreciate what you have. You can have a negative outlook on the day and see hurdles to overcome rather than opportunities.

The way you that you speak to yourself can mirror how you see your life, what you think and feel about who you are and can lead you to become either happy or unhappy. It can make you view the world around you with excitement or with dread.

It’s important that you learn to see life through the correct lens. Not only can the negative affect your mental well being, but it can also affect your health. You can develop illnesses and weaken your immune system if your self-talk focuses on pessimistic thoughts.

By learning to see the glass as half full, it means that you lean toward a more positive self talk habit. You don’t pretend that negative things happen - you just choose to look at the situations differently.

You choose to believe that there will be a positive outcome, even when things look uncertain. Your self talk is something that can occur automatically. These thoughts pop into your head and can affect how you act.

They can cause you to believe something that’s not true and then you’ll act on that false belief. For example, if you have negative self-talk, you might think that you’re not capable of doing something.

Because you believe that, you might not try to go after the things you want in life. You don’t chase your dreams or attempt to make changes because your self-talk has negatively stripped you of your confidence in who you really are and what you really can do.

People who practice a glass half full slant of self talk not only tend to have better physical health than those who aren’t optimistic, they also tend to have better mental health.

That’s because when you’re a glass half full kind of person, you don’t let the negative things in life stress you out and harm you with spikes in blood pressure and other issues.

You choose to acknowledge it and then look for solutions or believe the best is possible. The first step to changing yourself so that you do become more of a glass half full thinker is to stop the negative from having the stage in your mind.

That means when a situation occurs, you don’t let negativity have the spotlight. Instead, you look for the good that happened - even if you can only find one thing. That’s what you focus on.

When you focus on a glass half full, you don’t let your self talk make you the bad guy. You don’t look at life as a “you against the world” type of deal. You focus on reframing the negative into a positive.

If you are someone who has given in to the habit of negative self-talk, you need to change that to protect your mental well-being. Look at what goes on in your life that you feel is negative.

Then try to see the positive in that. Pause as you go about your day to examine your thoughts. Make sure that what you’re thinking is kind and loving to yourself.



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