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Self-Care Mindset Tip #2 : Creating a Stress Relief Ritual

The problem with stress is that it often snowballs into a chronic situation. It becomes something you can’t escape, no matter how bad you want to. So you end up being beaten down on a regular basis, both mentally and physically due to the strain.

To combat chronic stress, you have to have consistent stress relief. Consistency is the antidote to an ongoing barrage of chaos in your world, whether it’s coming from the workplace, personal relationships, health or elsewhere. 

Create a Morning Stress Relief Routine

Sometimes you’ll want to come up with an all day, situation by situation plan for stress relief. If your life is so hectic that anything could happen at any given moment, and you need to know how to unwind immediately, then that’s a strategy you should come up with.

That could include things like taking a brief walk to release endorphins, calling a loved one or friend to lift your spirits, or engaging in deep breathing or meditative exercises to calm down. 

But you may be able to pinpoint certain times of the day that are most stressful. If mornings are your worst enemy, set your alarm about 10-15 minutes earlier so that you’re not rushed. 

Do things to help you get ready the night before, such as packing lunches and gathering work and school materials to be easily grabbed on the way out the door. Have your outfit ready so that you can get up and go with ease. 

Manage a Midday Stress Relief Strategy

If the middle of the day is toxic for you, find ways to alleviate stress son the go. If you’re in a workplace like a corporate office, you might be able to ditch work for a lunch break and get out of the environment for an hour or so. 

Even taking a walk through the office can help break the monotony and stress of your routine. There are quiet, self soothing ways you can alleviate stress. Aside from the breathing exercises, you can also repeat some positive affirmations in your mind that help fortify you against the stresses of work. 

You might also want to quickly journal your feelings so that you don’t carry it around all day. If you can’t talk to anyone about it, journaling is a good outlet for your emotional frustration. 

Indulge in a Relaxing Nighttime Stress Soothing Regimen

Sometimes you need to end your day on a positive note. When you get home, you want to relax and unwind, but sometimes, home life can be just as stressful as your work life, depending on your situation.

You might have the urge to immediately begin yelling at everyone to do chores, as you try to cook dinner and clean house. But give yourself a few moments of enjoyment before the chaos begins. Enjoy a funny show. Laugh with your loved ones. 

Take a nice bath and unwind. And before your head hits the pillow each night, engage in some positive self talk about what you’re grateful for and what goals you will achieve the next day.

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